Skintones by the Numbers Photoshop Tutorial

How to use Lightroom (or ACR) to adjust the white balance of your image and then how to check and finetune it in Photoshop. This tutorial uses the CMY % method of correct skintones that I first learned about in Katrin Eismann’s book, but she credits Dan Margules for the theory.

It sates that the C value should be 30-50% of the M value, and that the Y value should be 1/5-1/3 higher than the M value.

BTW, C=Cyan, Y=Yellow and M=Magenta!

In this tutorial I eyeball the correct WB and then check my percentages using the info palette in PS. I then use a color balance adjustment layer to tweak as necessary.

You can see from the brief bit of playing I do with the color balance controls how much easier it is to get in the ballpark with just those two WB sliders.

Duration: 345

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