Sinister Motion Graphic

I originally planned to do a completely animated short for another movie, however David Green suggested that we do video based motion graphics trailers. Thus, I decided to do a motion graphics trailer on Sinister, a 2012 horror-thriller. Although it is not my favourite movie, it is one that I remember well. The story follows a family that moves into a house where the previous residents were hanged from a tree in the backyard. The father, a horror writer, discovers a box of old black and white film reels that show, in first person, a series of murders that have been going on since the 1960’s. The end of the movie reveals that the culprit is a demon named Bagul who possesses the youngest child in each family and gets them to kill their loved ones. That is why I chose to do a series of children’s drawings (similar to that in the movie) and a black and white film effect. The effect was extremely troubling for I had no clue how to make the black and white dots. I created them through multiplying a layer of noise, and making it flip every frame to dance around the screen. It took me roughly an hour to find a tutorial that told me how to make the picture flip itself every frame (alt CLICK!!). I then added in the demon, a photoshopped picture of my face with my friends hair that I posterized to the point were it was unidentifiable. The demon’s face warps over the tree frames it’s up; I used the liquify tool for this. The text at the end was drawn in by applying a layer mask and using the pen tool, and the logo behind it I created on Photoshop. The logo has black noise that I put over it. The audio is a mix of sound effects of the Ryerson iTunes library, and the creepy music is a recording of a music box that I reversed.

My biggest troubles with making this piece was finding the right balance of content, versus how creepy I wanted it to be. If I had made it 10 seconds, I wouldn’t have been able to include all the footage I wanted, leaving it not as interesting. Overall, I am decently satisfied with how the layering and effects turned out. My only regret is not doing a fully animated trailer like some of the students in other classes, for I enjoy animation.

Duration: 26

Likes: 2