Sierra Hart – Generalist Demo Reel

Sierra Hart
Generalist Reel Breakdown Sheet

Maya, Substance, Photoshop, After Effects
Design a simple toy. Model, texture, and animate it into the real world. Composite in After Effects.

Lip Synced Skater
Animate my rigged, textured, and modeled character in sync with audio clip from Tinker Bell. Compile and edit in Premiere.

The Archer
After Effects
Add a glow effect that is matched to actor’s movements.

Maya, After Effects, Photoshop
Create an HDRi sphere. Design, model, and pose a unique creature. Composite onto a real-world image.

After Effects
Track a camera from a piece of stock footage and match 3D text to it.

Floating Orb
Create a radiating, floating orb of light using volumetric lighting.

Kinetic Typography
After Effects, Illustrator
Create a poster with type and visual elements that match the audio from Final Fantasy X. Animate the poster in After Effects to sync with audio and create a visually engaging piece.

Jack and Juliette
Animate my modeled and rigged character in a short, non-verbal skit.

Duration: 62

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