Shotcut Text Title – Basic & Advanced Tutorial

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How to add text to your video in Shotcut, the free, open source video editor for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux? // It’s easy but there are many methods and most are not too easy to find for a beginner. Read on below.

How to download Shotcut:

Basically you add a “Text” filter to a clip in the timeline and then you can split that clip, whenever you want to change the text phrase.

If you want fade in and fade out effects, it’ll get more complicated though, you will have to either make a copy of the clip one layer above, and remove the text from the one below. Then you can add fadein/fadeout filter to the top clip.

Alternatively you can add a transparent image and add text titles to that instead. It works with fade in out too.

3D text works the same way but at least in version 16.10.1 it doesn’t work with the transparent image method.

A more involved method is to create text titles in an external application, like for example Inkscape – my personal favorite. Here’s a tutorial:

To render the result, follow this tutorial:

More Shotcut tutorials:

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