#shorts JU BEJI THI DUA ​[Slowed+Reverb] | Velocity Pubglite Edit By L20SACHIN

JU BEJI THI DUA ​[Slowed+Reverb] | Velocity PubgliteEdit By L20Sachin

HERE YOU GO! THE MOST REQUESTED TUTORIAL OF ALL TIME!!! . NOTE THAT THIS IS NOT THE FINAL PRODUCT,WE WILL ADD MORE AND MORE EFFECTS IN IT FROM NEXT PARTS.❤️ + ME KAFI SLOWLY SAMJHAYA IS VIDEO ME KYUNKE MOSTLY LOGO KO ITNA IDEA NAHI HAI AFTER EFFECTS WAGERA KA.ISLEA MENE ARAM ARAM SE CONCEPT DIA IS VIDEO ME,JIS KI WALA SE IS VIDEO KI LENGTH KAFI LAMBI BHI HOGAI. . I appreciate your love… Stay tuned and subscribe for more content… . . . Softwares used in editing video: AFTER EFFECTS Device I use to play: EMULATOR !!!💋 . . Support me THANK YOU..❤️😉 ignore boltayyyyy screen pump,how to make screen pumps,screen pumps,how to screen pump,screen pump effect,screen pump tutorial,pump,premiere pro screen pump,how to make a screen pump,screen pump bass,screen pump tutorials,how to make the screen pump,how to,how to do screen pumps,premiere pro how to make screen pump,how to do screen pump transition,how to make a screen pump in premiere pro,davinci resolve screen pump,screen pump effect,screen pump,screen pump,ahkplays,ahkplays tutorial,ahkplaysyt,ahkplays montage,tutorial by ahkplays,how to pump like ahkplays,how to edit like ahkplays,pubg ahkplays,ahkplays tiktok,ahkplays 3d animation,ahkplays pubg tutorial,pumps tutorial ahkplays,tere sang yara ahkplays,ahkplays happy birthday,ahkplays pumps tutorial,how to become slowmo king like ahkplays xd,ahk plays,ahk plaus,ahkplaystiktok,ahk plays 10k edit,ahkplaystutorial,hmaplays,how to edit like ahk playstutorial,davinci resolve screen pump,how to create screen pump effect in wondershare filmora,screen pump effect fcpx,how to screen pump,how to make screen pumps,davinci resolve screen pump effect,screen pump after effects,how to make screen bass pump effect,how to screen pump in filmora,screen pumps,how to bass pump effect in wondershare filmora,screen pump bass,screen pump tutorials,davinci resolve pump effect,ahkplays,ahkplays tutorial,shake pumps like ahk plays tutorial,tutorial by ahkplays,ahkplays pubg tutorial,tutorial,ahkplays pumps tutorial,pumps tutorial ahkplays,how to pump like ahkplays,ahk tutorial,ahkplaysyt,ahkplays montage,how to edit like ahkplays,alight motion tutorial,shake tutorial in android,pump shakes tutorial,ahkplays tiktok,shakes tutorial,amv tutorial,goli tutorial,pubg ahkplays,how to become slowmo king like ahkplays xd,after effects,turbulent displace,turbulent,after effects tutorial,turbulent displace after effects tutorial,turbulent effect,effect turbulent,adobe after effects,turbulent after effect,effect,turbulent displace text effect after effects,turbulent after effects,turbulent displace effect,turbulent display text effect,tutorial turbulent effect amv,tutorial easy turbulent effect amv,turbulent after effect tutorial amv,turbulent display after effects,shake pumps like ahk plays tutorial,ahkplays,ahkplays tutorial,tutorial,shakes tutorial,shake effect,shake effect tutorial,beat shake tutorial,shake pumps tutorial pubg
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Duration: 00:00:46