Shopify Vs. Woocommerce Unbiased Pros And Cons Review 2023

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Shopify Vs. WooCommerce:

Which one should you use? Shopify or Woo Commerce? 95% of you say that the other one is better. I personally use both and in this video I’ll be comparing which platform is better.


Shopify has better templates. Though some argue that Woo Commerce has better templates, most people would prefer Shopify templates.
It is much easier to use. However, if you are a much more technical person, you might find Woo Commerce easier to use. But, if you are not, you’ll find Shopify easier to use. I do have a video wherein I have set up a Shopify account in just 4 minutes, you can check out the video here: [4min Shopify Video]
Shopify has better addons and apps.
Better Integration, Shopify seems to integrate almost anything. Which is a plus for marketing your shop.
Shopify has a more innovative team.
They have a 24/7 support team.
Less Can Go Wrong

It is more expensive, it is priced at around $30 per month, though the price is worth it.
High risk people would would might get shut down.
There is a fee if you use third party payment gateway.

Woo Commerce

Cheaper compared to Shopify. You can get Woo Commerce for around $10 more or less while Shopify is priced at $30.
It has an open source which lets you get creative and edit your shop’s code.
It won’t shut you down. Unlike with Shopify, if you are living in a high-risk area or are selling high-risk items, Shopify may shut you down. Woo Commerce won’t.
It is great for blogging with WordPress. It’s actually a plug in for WordPress.

You would most likely experience Technical Problems, since it uses open source.
It has less integrations compared to Shopify.
It is very piecemeal, you would have to buy some add-ons.

So which is better? Basing from 200-300 ecommerce entrepreneurs I know, only 2 use Woo Commerce. For 95% of people, Shopify is the winner. But again, it always depends which one is better fit for you. You would know if you are the other 5% that would use Woo Commerce when you are planning to make less than a $1000 revenue a year, looking to do multiple small businesses, if you live in developing countries or will be selling high-risk products, and if you are technical or are willing to hire technical help for coding.
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