SECRET FREE Stable Diffusion 2.1 TRICK! As Good As MIDJOURNEY!

When the Stable Diffusion 2.0 & 2.1 models came out, it was a mixed bag that divided the community, it was very good at creating very realistic images but if you wanted to apply an artist’s style, you wouldn’t get similar results that you had with the 1.5… UNTIL NOW! Because very quickly the community realized that with the newest models, textual inversion embeddings worked way better than with the previous models and that this would be a very easy way to add a specific style to your images generated with the 2.x models, and indeed the results are mindblowing! We are at the same level of quality that you would expect from something like Midjourney BUT for free! So in this video, I will show you how and where you can download those textual inversion embeddings, how to use them, how to train them yourself with the automatic1111 repository and finally I will give you my personal pick of the best textual inversion embeddings that I enjoyed using the past few days!

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Midjourney embed:

VikingPunk embed:

Papercut embed:

Anthro embed:

Remix embed:

CGI Animation embed:

Knollingcase embed:

Vray render embed:

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