Sean Womersley Motion Graphics Show Reel [Jan 2019]


Name Plate
Built in After Effects using basic blend modes to give a ‘burning-through’ effect.

Graham Norton’s Good Story Guide Titles
The comic book ‘page’ was drawn and coloured by hand in Photoshop, then layered up in 3D space in After Effects to give a nice parallax when the camera pans over. The speech bubbles, additional colour adjustments, and effect overlays were also done in AE. Created for SOTV

MBS Titles
Logo was created in Cinema 4D using supplied vector artwork, then brought into After Effects to animate, light and render.

Celebrity Game Night Faces
Faces were cut out using Photoshop, then I used a template I created in After Effects to animate this series (40 faces in 2 days).

Calcio Storico Charles V Map
Map created and animated purely within After Effects, with army crests drawn in Photoshop.

Calcio Storico Florence Map
Map cleaned up and expanded in Photoshop, then brought in to After Effects to separate into 3D layers and animate. Team flags were created in After Effects and pre-rendered for use in the map composition.

Coverstars Song Selection
Created in After Effects for a TV pilot.

Wimbledon Round Idents
Clean plates created in Photoshop, then tracked and placed into After Effects, with new text overlaid and graded to blend seamlessly.

Music Released by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Song title: Beat the Devil’s Tattoo

Duration: 115

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