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KEENAN’S KLASSES EP1 – let’s break down your favourite transition from my latest video campaign with NVIDIA Studio. You’ll never guess the special technique used to film the dolly tracking shot on my own… Stay till the end if ur a weeb 😉

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0:00​ – Intro
0:56​ – Subscribe pls?
1:10​ – Shooting Setup
1:28 – The Special Technique
2:10​ – Timeline Breakdown
7:22​ – Sound Effects
8:45​ – Final Result
9:10​ – Weeb Section

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In this video I will be showing you how I shot and edited and what sound effects I used to create the day to night transition in my latest video in partnership with NVIDIA Studio in Adobe Premiere Pro. In it’s simplest form, it is just a cross dissolve, but the great fun about editing it that it allows you to be experimental with it, and using different effects and masking to create something original and exciting to watch. In the shooting part, I use a cheap dolly slider by Neewer from Amazon UK to get the tracking shot, and tied a shoelace around my feet to pull it along because it was a solo shoot and I didn’t have anyone else to help me out with the shooting part of the video at home. The editing section of the video consists of going through what I did layer by layer. I started by matching clip 1 and clip 2, then creating masks that last for a short period of time around my window and nanoleaf lighting panels. I cross dissolved clip 1 into clip 2, and masked out my monitor screen and made that appear by a linear wipe. After that, I applied a light leak/lens flare to help mask out some of my mistakes and inconsistencies with my masking and shot framing. Then I show you how I used sound effects to bring the final transition to life.

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