Scribe SEO Demo video – AE LIVE 3D EFFECT!

Working with Chris Johnson, and the team at Scribe, I was given the task of creating a quick visual tour of what the Scribe plugin/service does (

This animation was created using After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop.

This was the first time I used the Photoshop Live 3D within After Effects. It was pretty exciting to us the 3D pen in 2.5D space, though it created some render challenges.

The pen came from (a free repository of models).

Live 3D doesn’t accept lights or cast shadows, so with huge help from Kevin Camp over at, I came up with a way to have the shadow (which is just a masked solid) to stay on the Y plane, and disappear and blur as the Pen moved away from the plane. This was all achieved through expressions written by Kevin.

Live 3D objects don’t work with built in motion blur, so I used force motion blur to achieve the blur effects seen throughout the piece.

I didn’t use a lot of plugins, but I did use Boris FX 3D text (for the opening crystal ball) and I used Trapcode particular for the transformation of the handwritten logo to actual rendered logo. Particular was also used for the peel out animation at the end.

Oh and the voice over was provided by September Carter (… my favorite VO gal. Music came from

I learned a ton on this one which is always fun!

I think I’ll be doing a tutorial for on how to do the the write on effect using the 3D pen. Stay on the lookout.

Duration: 65

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