Sample After-Effects Comps for Carousel!

Here is an animation short that contains 5 comps that I created in After Effects CS6 to support the documentary Carousel! (here in my Vimeo area at

First is a rework of my animated logo using layers of a Photoshop composition.

Second is the intro to the documentary. I liked the footage of the assistant opening the door to the Carousel building. I had recorded the sound of the Carousel running in the building and then used it as a segue to the screeching door, and hung my presentation info on the door and rotating in with the Carousel itself.

Third is the rotating title text lit by garish lighting to create a nice amusement-park feel. The font is Jokerman.

Fourth, I wanted to create an illusion of painted frames that started the rotation of the carousel. This would then kick off the real video footage of the empty carousel in action.

Finally, one of the animations used in the history of carousels section. It is an old illustration that I cut out and processed through Photoshop. The key was layering sounds for the animation.

Duration: 61

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