Salt and Fruit

1. Illustrator – Created / Drew Salt and Fruit logo and exported .ai file to C4D.
2. Cinema 4D – Imported .ai file and extruded it using extrude nurbs.
3. Cinema 4D – Modeled spoon, fork and knife.
4. Cinema 4D – Placed fork and knife crisscrossed behind extruded text.
5. Cinema 4D – Used emitter to emit spoon, fork and knife as particles.
6. Cinema 4D – Animated logo to zoom up and twist towards camera.
7. Cinema 4D – Exported all 3D elements on alpha channel as .psd sequence.
8. Photoshop – Opened photograph of salt shaker and fruit.
9. Photoshop – Trimmed around edges to create an alpha channel behind salt shaker and fruit. Saved as .psd with alpha.
10. After Effects – Imported .psd alpha salt shaker and fruit files.
11. After Effects – Duplicated rotated, and lowered the opacity to 10% to the salt shaker and fruit in various places on background.
12. After Effects – Imported all C4D .psd sequences.
13. After Effects – Created green gradient circular background.
14. After Effects – Created solar flare to follow 3D logo.
15. After Effects – Color corrected everything and exported .mov to FCP

Duration: 3

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