Ruby’s Christmas Countdown By Dominic Civil

Film and Animation By Dominic Civil

This includes a compilation of short 10-15 second Animations.
The short individual animations were made for a client Called Ruby Dancers the brief was to make a short animation for everyday for a Christmas count down from 1st of December to 24th of December these were used on Ruby Dancers social media on each day.

the animation was hand drawn and coloured by rotoscoping over footage of Ruby using adobe Animate. The Christmas images were hand drawn and coloured in Adobe Photoshop. after these were made the rotoscope animation and image were composited using after effects. some animation for example moving of Christmas images and text were animated in after effects using key frame animation.

the music was created in a software called mixcraft. I would research the piano notes online and learn each daily christmas song and record each piano cover I did in mixcraft.

Finally the after effect export and the music will be edited in Adobe Premier pro.

Duration: 339

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