Rotating 3D Cube Text Animation | After Effects Tutorial

In this After Effects Tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a rotating 3D cube text animation.
First of all, we use the rectangle tool to create a shape. Then we make it a 3D layer and change the 3D renderer to Cinema 4D.
You have to be aware, that this renderer doesn’t support a list of things which you find here.
Like blending modes, track mattes or layer styles. We don’t need that, so that’s fine.

BUT! It allows us to extrude shapes.
We open the geometry options of the layer and change the extrusion depth. We change the view settings to two views, to see what’s happening. We’re creating a real 3D cube.
Then we need to adjust the anchor point, it has to be in the middle. The Z-value is half the extrusion depth.
One thing that is really confusing id the z-axis. If you move closer than “0” to the camera, the z-value is “-200” for example. If you move further away, the value would be something like “+200”.

Then we adjust the position of the text, to bring it to the front of the cube – and link it to the cube.
Finally, we animate the rotation of the cubes, adjust the speed curve and we’re basically done.

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