1. Photoshop – Created alpha background from high res Colorado Rockies jpg logo.
2. Photoshop – Cut out silhouettes from Rockies players and painted them black, leaving the baseball untouched.
3. Cinema 4D – Imported stock model of Coors Field, textured model and animated it in from right to left.
4. Cinema 4D – Created grass using the hair module and textured it green.
5. Cinema 4D – Exported .psd sequence on alpha channel to After Effects.
6. After Effects – Created purple to green circular gradient.
7. After Effects – Imported all elements from Photoshop and C4D.
8. After Effects – Animated all elements appropriately.
9. After Effects – Used text tool to typo 2011 Season, and then animated it and added key framed blur effect.
10. After Effects – Added lens flare behind Rockies logo.
11. After Effects – Added still image of Coors field to background with opacity set to 20%.
12. After Effects – Color corrected everything and exported .mov to FCP.

Duration: 3

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