This Visual Effects student production form the Savannah College of Art and Design was produced during the Winter and Spring quarters of 2014. Nearly all of the main contributors were students enrolled in my courses, but we did have many ‘volunteers’ that gave their time and talents, and for that they have my profound appreciation. We premiered this project at a special screening May 28, 2014, in Montgomery Hall, Savannah Ga.

Lubomir M. Kocka – Writer, Director & Editor
Michael DiPietro – Producer – Texturing Lead – Shader Development – Motion Capture Cleanup – Camera Animation – Environment/Props Modeling
Gian Ignacio Lombardi – Producer – Compositing Lead – Props Modeling
James Charles – Producer – FX Lead – Props Modeling – Camera Animation
Brian Oskins – Art Direction – Modeling Lead
Chad Fetzer – Lighting Lead – Shader Development – Props Modeling – Compositing – Scene Assembler
Skye White – Animation Lead – Motion Capture Lead – Facial Capture – Motion Capture Actor (Pharaoh) – Scene Assembler
Sorya Sean Serei – Motion Capture Lead – Facial Capture
Leon Li-Aun Sooi – Rigging Lead
Sonali Satsangi – Facial Capture Lead
Will Cavanagh – Pipeline Lead – Sand FX – Scene Assembler
Vann-Ellison Seals – Sound Editor Lead
Alex Wood – Props Modeling – Lighting – Compositing
Jeff Robbins – Props Modeling – Lighting – Compositing
Tuna Unalan – Character Texturing – Props Modeling/Texturing
Eric Schultz – Character Texturing
Anthony Demeo IV – Character Animation – Camera Animation – Motion Capture Cleanup – Facial Capture
Olivia Ramsden – Character Modeling – Props Modeling
Ben Lopatin – Cloth Simulations, Particles FX
Collin Banko – Motion Capture Cleanup – Sand FX – Facial Capture – Pipeline TD
Harsh Agrawal – Pipeline TD
Taylor Hasting – Pyro FX – Compositing
Dennys Herman – Lighting – Compositing
Kevin Herjono – Lighting – Compositing
Eddie Holecko – Environment/Props Modeling
Faith Zeng – Environment/Props Texturing
Andrew Finley – Props Modeling/Texturing – Shader Development
JongJik Kim – Character Texturing
Eric Liffrig – Matte Painting
Jennifer Cruz – Rigging
Jisoo Kim – Rigging
Cameron Black – Rigging
Emily Zurl – Character Animation
Danon McConnell – Character Animation
Catherine Soto – Motion Capture Cleanup
Wuyang Wang – Pyro FX
James Spadafora – Sand FX
Jon Sewell – Sound Editing
Nirana Singh – Foley Mixing
Daniel Hoshor – Composing
Lamont Sparks – Storyboarding
Kathleen Schenck – Motion Capture Actor (Priestess)
Taylor Bradley – Motion Capture Actor (Sorceress/Priestess)
Adler Roberts – Motion Capture Actor (Pharaoh)
Ivory Lloyd – Motion Capture Actor (Sorceress)
Eileen Heilsnis – Environment Texturing
JungIn Wang – Environment Texturing
Peter Clark – Titles

Special Thanks to:
Joe Pasquale
Vladimir Mastilovic from 3Lateral
Malcolm Kesson
Ashwin Inamdar
Dan Van Wagnen
Ross Macaluso
Deborah Fowler
Neil D. Short
Zachary DiMaria
Tim Steele
Alex Rivera
Tom Davis
Steve Abrams
Dan Hernandez
Diego Garzon
Stephan Fleet from Encore Hollywood
CGSociety forums.

Rendered using: Pixar’s RenderMan

Savannah College of Art and Design
VSFX 408 Winter 2014 & VSFX 448 Spring 2014 Prof. Pasquale

Software used: Maya 2014, Nuke 7, Houdini 13, Mudbox 2014, Zbrush 4R6, Mari 2.5, Photoshop CC, UV Layout, Headus UV, Topogun, MotionBuilder 2014, Vicon Blade 2.6, Faceware Retargeter 3.2, Faceware Analyzer 1.2, Sublime Text 3.0, Renderman Pro Studio 18, Python 2.7, Gimp 2.8, Looxcie 2 Bluetooth Camera, Looxcie App for Android,

Duration: 343

Likes: 5