Risograph Indesign Booklet Zine Layout Tutorial | olivia and pindot

New General Indesign Tutorial Video (basic formatting): https://youtu.be/EkPpr5if5hw

I don’t use Facing Pages much in this tutorial. If your zine has a lot of spreads or a lot of things crossing over the centerfold, it would be better to use Facing Pages. The zine I was working on didn’t have full spreads so that’s why I didn’t use it.

This is Booklet Basics Part 2-B: INDESIGN which is, how to use Indesign to lay out your zine or booklet. It has some risograph set-up information but it also goes through a normal layout process.

ALSO at 11:41, you can see the option is for 2-up Saddle-stitch!!! This is the staple-fold-booklet option that you want!

Booklet Basics Part 1: https://youtu.be/1XFmaKufYi8
Booklet Zine Layout Tutorial: Photoshop: https://youtu.be/WaAL-z-4OVU

I decided to create a tutorial for both Photoshop and Indesign because pindot press has seen layouts done using both, and we also accept layouts done with either.

Also, I know I’ve mentioned this in the video already but ALWAYS check with your printer first for their preferred format. I know that when I did my Garden in Manila zine, my local laser printer wanted single pages with crop and bleed marks. For pindot press, we don’t like crop and bleed marks because of misregistration issues.

Anyway, again the point of this video is to be helpful! Hopefully this will help make the process easier for you and also for your printer (hopefully LOL).


Greer Stothers’ Zoology Zine: http://greerstothers.storenvy.com/products/21242399-zoo-zine


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All About Riso Tutorial: https://youtu.be/1rfwKuXIhcE
Garden in Manila Zine: https://youtu.be/mhOK5oSCu5A


Camera: Iphone 5c
Editing: Olivia O
Software: Adobe Premiere Pro, Audition, After Effects, C4D
Microphone: Nessie Blue https://amzn.to/2QnuuLf

Duration: 00:30:31