Retro VHS Look Effect + Tutorial | Premiere Pro (no plugins)

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JW Retro Assets 2: VHS edition
& VHS Effect tutorial for Premiere Pro (free)

00:00 – Introduction
01:06 – Asset Pack Preview
02:16 – Installation
04:10 – Using the Assets
15:28 – VHS Effect Tutorial in Premiere (no pack)
27:56 – Conclusion

A while ago I was working on a project where I needed to take some stock footage and make it look like it was shot on old VHS video. I went online to look for tutorials on YouTube for creating a vintage VHS effect. And to be honest what I found wasn’t really what I needed. These tutorials generally involved a lot of After Effects work and the results they were making looked cool, and suited to the music videos and stylised graphics they were applying these effect to. But it didn’t look like actual VHS footage, and that’s what I needed.

So I set about trying to make an effect myself. Having grown up in the 1980s, I have a lot of old retro family videos shot on VHS. So I referred back to these to try and find out what the fundamentals of this look were. I managed to break it down to its key components and what’s interesting, is that you can do most of this stuff just natively in Premiere Pro.

In this video, I’m going to show you how you can put a vintage 1980s VHS effect on your videos, just using Premiere Pro. I’m going to do this in two ways: Firstly I’m going to show you a pack of motion graphics templates that I’ve made, and that you can download, where you just need to drag and drop your footage into the media replacement window, and it will add these emulations.

But if you don’t want to download the pack, don’t worry. Because I’m then going to show you how you can create a VHS effect yourself just using the native effects in Premiere Pro (without having to download or install anything — no plug-ins, no overlays, no hopping over to After Effects).

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