Remove Moving Objects from Video in After Effects #tutorial

Remove Moving Objects from Video in After Effects

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Let’s say we want to remove the car from our shot, all we need to do a create a mask around the object.
Since the car is moving, we need to animate the mask. We can do this by keyframing the mask path and adjust the location of the mask to follow the car.
I also suggest increase the mask feather and the expansion by a touch.
And most importantly, make sure your mask is set to subtract.
Now, bring up the Content-Aware Fill panel.
Increase the Alpha Expansion and click Generate Fill Layer.
This will analyze and create a fill to replace the car.
And now we have this extra fill layer that replaces the car completely.
Keep in mind, it may take a few attempts to get this done correctly as there is no right answer to the settings we adjusted for every video clip.

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