Reganman Motion Reel 2016

A collection of my best motion graphics work. Please enjoy.

Music: Flight – Tristam & Braken

0 sec – Ryan Egan Logo Animation
Designed in Adobe Illustrator (Ai). Animated in Adobe After Effects (Ae).
Sound design was done in Ae using sounds from

5 sec – She Rocks Logo Animation
Designed “SHE ROCKS” in Ai. Crowd, stage, and speakers were put together in Ae using stock images/footage. Stage lights, camera flashes, sparks, and fire effects were created using a mixture of solids, masks, Glow, Red Giant Starglow, Shine, and Particular. Guitartist is footage from the She Rocks film.

12 sec – Shinobi Lower Thirds
Background is Shinobi concept art from Sega I cut it apart in Adobe Photoshop (Ps). Ps file was brought into Ae to animate separate elements and blend with old paper texture. Lower Third is a Shinobi Sword Concept Art, stock footage of a ribbon, and text layers. Ribbon has various plugin effects added to get cell shaded cartoon look.

14 sec – Princess Cruises Ted Lange Introduction
All roto, effects and text were animated in Ae.

19 sec – Princess Cruises Logo
Used Ae’s 3d Tracker to track cruise ship footage. Used wave warp to add wind to the “hair”. Used displacement on shadow created using Ae lights.

23 sec – Princess Cruises “The Isaac”
All roto, effects and text were animated in Ae.

25 sec – Kubota Power To Do Great Things
Broke text into layers in Ai. Animated in Ae using Starglow and Advanced Lightning plugins.

28 sec – Animated Still
Image cut apart in Ps. Layers animated in Ae. Plugins used are Particular, Ripple and Video Copilot’s Optical Flares.

30 sec – Scaryopolis Logo Animation
Used stock images of buildings and Ae 3d lights to animate the Scaryopolis Logo.

40 sec – ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Animation
Used Video Copilot’s Sure Target to animate camera in Ae.

46 sec – Kubota Get Set To Save
Broke elements into layers in Ai. Animated in Ae using CC Page Turn and Red Giant Shadow plugins.

48 sec – Shinobi Transition
Background is same as “Shinobi Lower Thirds”. Transition is concept art from Sega I rotoed in Ae. The stock footage of a ribbon was added to artwork to add illusion of dragging in the wind current.

49 sec – Kubota We Are Sky Logo Animation
Night sky was created in Ae using Fractal Noise, masks, Particular and Starglow. Kubota “Circle K” was modeled in Cinema 4D. Used Video Copilot’s Element 3D to animate in Ae. Optical Flares used for flash of light.

52 sec – Ryan Egan Logo Animation

Duration: 60

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