Reframe 360 Video – GoPro FX Reframe Tutorial

This is a walkthrough of the new plug-in for reframing 360 content: GoPro FX Reframe for Adobe Premiere & After Effects. Skip ahead to a specific part below:

1:00 – Part 1: Preparing your 360 Files
2:36 – Part 2: Setting up your Sequence
6:14 – Part 3: On-Screen Controls
8:38 – Part 4: Advanced Controls
12:38 – Part 5: Keyframing
16:10 – Part 6: Smooth Keyframing
19:40 – Part 7: Nesting for Speed Ramping & Varying Frame Rates
21:15 – Part 8: Adjusting Frame Size Output

Links called out in the video:

GoPro FX Reframe Plug-in Download:

GoPro MAX .360 Tech Specs Blog Post:

David Newman – Mastermind behind this plug-in:

This is the plug-in I’ve been using to edit all of my 360 content, as well as all of the 360 content put out by GoPro’s official channels. This will give you the highest quality 360 reframed video!

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