Reel Spring 2018


1. Scavenger

For 9 Weeks me and my fellow students Nora Hänsenberger, Leon Schmidl and Romana Grünfelder worked on this full CG short for our Bachelor’s degree. It tells the story of a lone woman in a post-apocalyptic world, searching for a way to save the planet and humanity.

Beside the modeling, painting and shading of the character, warehouse and the different rooms of the ruin and all the props in these environments (table, plant, etc.), I was responsible for the lighting in the ruin and most part of the rendering (setting up custom AOVs, LPEs and Lightgroups and seek out for the right sample settings towards the short time we had.)

The Renderer we used was Arnold 5.
Maya, Substance Painter and Zbrush were the Software I used the most during the production.

Cloth and FX sim, and project managment were done by Nora Hänsenberger.
Compositing and Rigging were done by Leon Schmidl.
Animation and Concept Art were done by Romana Grünfelder.

2. Toy Car

Started as a modeling exercise, this little toy car turned into my first steps into the Arnold Renderer in autumn 2016.

I followed a modeling tutorial in the beginning, but started to add my personal touch rather quickly. The shaders are pretty basic, but I wanted to show it in my reel because it was my first work with Arnold and I think it is a good indicator of my progress.

All aspects were done in Maya.

3. Last Aid

Last Aid was our Semester Project in Summer 2016 which I produced with my fellow students Leon Schmidl, David Michielsen and Jendrik Sonne Holm within 6 Weeks.

I was responsible for the modeling and texturing/shading for the main parts of the small robot, city, hospital and laboratory and all kinds of Props that appear throughout the movie. Furthermore, I rigged the small robot, designed the title and eye acted for the scene when the human on the bedside wakes up.

The Renderer we used was mental ray.
The Software I used the most during this project were Maya and Photoshop.

Leon Schmidl was mainly responsible for Compositing and the big robot.
David Michielsen was mainly responsible for FX and Sound Design.
Jendrik Sonne Holm was mainly responsible for Animation.

Duration: 75

Likes: 1