REEL September 08′

This is my reel. I updated it a little since the Spring ’08 semester. Will update soon.

Scene Description:

*All final Quicktimes created in Adobe After Effects

1) Audio linked to animation assignment and also typography. Illustrator files. Moving camera in 3d space. Footage of Britney Spears is not my own, but it has been modified by me.

2) Tracking motion with Particular. Stabalizing footage. Color correction. Keying green screen.

3) Typography assignment. Used Illustrator files.

4) Text animation. I did this while interning at LOGO. It is owned by MTV Networks.

5) Title animated with Autodesk Maya and Illustrator files.

6) Lower third I did at my internship with MTV’s LOGO.

7) Keying and color correction. Modeling and animation in Autodesk Maya and Illustrator.

8) “HP commercial.” Tracking Photoshop files onto frame with 4-corner perspective tracker.

9) “Kill Bill title sequence.” Animated in After Effects with Illustrator files.

10) “Clean up.” Motion tracking, matte painting, rotoscoping, color correction.

11) “Graffiti.” Transfer modes, 3d camera, Illustrator files, and jpeg picture.

Duration: 44

Likes: 2