Real life Portal: A visual effects project

One of my visual effects classes required me to use only still images to create a composition. I had just finished playing Portal for the first time, and was so affected by it that I chose Portal 2 as my project, altering the scene to be the DMC, my visual effects school.

Everything in this video was created by me. It began in Photoshop using pictures I took of the DMC (Digital Media Center) the film school I call home. I used textures I took and some from to create the rundown feel.

Then, in After Effects, I used camera projection to make the scenes come to life, using CC Particle World to create dust and Trapcode Shine for light rays. The portal effect was a tough one, but I finally managed a good effect using Particle world and a fractal noise/twirl effect combo, and utilized camera depth to make the cliche portal look real.

The voice of GLADoS was created using Apple’s text-to-speech and Melodyne. The ending title sequence I traced vector versions of the portal II trailer and animated them with the new title.

The music is thanks to Jason Shaw @ and “Know Way Underscore” from

If you like it, let me know!

Duration: 76

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