Quick Tutorials: Bokeh Animation in After Effects

In this After Effects Quick Tutorial, we will create bokeh using CC Particle World. No plugins are required!

Create a solid and go to effect – simulation – CC Particle World. Move the layer inward until you see constant particles Set the birth rate to 1 and the longevity to 3. For the producer settings, set the position Z to – 0.94 and the Radius X&Y to 0.650. Set the Radius Z to 0.190. Under the Physics tab, change the animation to Jet Sideways. Set the Velocity to 0.10 and the Gravity to .010. Open the particle tab and set the particle type to Textured Disc. Drag in a texture into the timeline. Remember you can download this project file in the video description. Back to Particle World, set the texture layer to your texture and adjust the scatter settings. I’m using a value of 43. Set the birth size to 0.540 and the death size to 0.700. Change the brith and death color. Set the volume shade to 100%.

With our particles set, let’s go to effect – stylize – glow. Set the glow radius to 200, the glow intensity to 5. Glow Colors to A&B Colors and finally change the color of color A. Lastly, create an adjustment layer and go to effect – blur & sharpen – Camera Lens Blur.
Set the blur radius to 20. The shape to whatever you like, the aspect ratio to 2.0, the diffraction fringe to 500 and check in the edge behavior. Also, for an optional element, you can create a camera and animate unique movements.

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