Questions for God Series Opening Animation

This clip begins worship this weekend at my church Trietsch in Flower Mound TX. It introduces our new series “Questions for God”.

We asked the church to submit their toughest theological questions over the last two months – the things they would ask God if given a face to face meeting. We are going to attempt to address them using scripture over a five week period. This clip introduces the concept, along with a spoken word piece that follows. Here is the script for the follow up:

Whether it’s late at night or right in the middle of our work-a-day life, sometimes we cannot help but think about the big questions.

Today we’re starting a new series called Questions for God. Throughout the summer we have been receiving your handwritten and online questions – the things you would ask God if given the chance. Your deep issues and toughest faith questions.

We have compiled these questions and over the next few weeks are going to attempt to answer them, at least partially, through a careful examination of scripture, both in worship and online. We have some good ones, too, including questions of evil and suffering, free will and determination, why we don’t feel God with us, truth and the Bible, why the cross was necessary, homosexuality, divorce, the universe and extraterrestial life, politics, premarital sex, suicide, and do all dogs go to heaven.

There’s more too. We are way excited about this series. You’re not going to want to miss a single week. Let’s get started with Questions for God.

I produced this in one evening in Adobe Photoshop and After Effects using the Text Animation Offset and lots of keyframes. I also plan on producing a separate animation highlighting the topic of the week, which will kept a surprise.

Duration: 42

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