Pulsing ❤️ LoopOut PingPong in After Effects

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Pulsing ❤️ LoopOut PingPong in After Effects

Adobe After Effects CC 2023: How To Create A Pulsing Object Animation using LoopOut Expression

This tutorial is will show you how to create a pulsing layer animation using the loopOut(“pingpong”) expression and Scale Property in Adobe After Effects CC 2023.

The loopOut(“pingpong”) expression endlessly loops an animation back and forth between the first and last keyframes.

Expression Used:

Keyboard Shortcut Used:
S for Scale Property
Shift + Right Arrow: Move CTI forward by 10 frames

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How To Apply loopOut Expression:
1. Create A New Comp
2. Add a logo or graphic layer (heart) to Comp
3. Drag the CTI (current time indicator) to the beginning of the Timeline
4. Tap S for the Scale Property
5. Click the Stopwatch to add a keyframe
6. Drag the playhead forward in time by 10 frames (Shift + Right Arrow)
7. Increase Scale amount
8. Press Option or Alt Key
9. Click on Stopwatch next to Scale Property
10. Type in loopOut(“pingpong”)
11. Click off in an empty space
12. Press the Spacebar to preview pulsing looping animation
13. Done!

Duration: 00:01:00

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