PSA “Waiting for Superman – Community Conversation”

This was a PSA to invite the public to attend a discussion about the future of public education. The discussion was in response to the film “Waiting for Superman”.

Lindy’s roles: concept/design (brainstormed concept during meeting with colleagues), storyboard, animation/motion graphics, chose music, editing

Process: Lindy hand drew buildings and phone booth, enhanced the drawings in Adobe illustrator and Photoshop. Lindy created characters from images of real people taken from video footage she shot. She exported and “cut out” the stills of the real people, then processed the cut outs with Photoshop filters. Layers were composited in Final Cut Pro. Lindy added additional lighting effects in Final Cut Pro. Lindy’s colleagues weighed in during the process to provide feedback/input. Collaborative process for deciding wording for text in speech bubbles.

Duration: 36

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