PSA – Hyper-Vegan – Kara Hatton

This is a Public Service Announcement about the vegans and the vegan industry.
Initially the idea behind this was that this was a response to things vegans typically hear as criticism from other people. However, I believe this could also be interpreted in a different way in that it’s a wake-up call to vegans. It’s not a bad thing to be an activist, but I believe that people who are passionate about something shouldn’t make it a barrier in between their relationships with other people.
I should mention that this is also from the perspective of a vegan, so take it with a grain of salt.
The assets were made in Photoshop and assembled and animated in After Effects. The character was inspired by the animation style of the YouTube channel “Odd1sOut.” I think that the simplistic character design will hopefully help people to envision themselves in the position of them, and perhaps reflect on the idea that they might be guilty of pushing their ideals on other people as well.
The broccoli in the video was a 3D model created in Autodesk Maya and rotoscoped in Photoshop. This was the part that I enjoyed the most out of the video, and I think it fits well with what the text was explaining over the visual.
The most difficult part of the project was the transitions between the scenes, and lining it up with the audio. I think I could have improved the pacing a bit, and even cut out a few things to improve the coherency of the overall piece.

Duration: 30

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