PS || Photoshop cc 2020 Tutorial || How to change background

PS || Photoshop cc 2020 Tutorial || How to change background || How to retouch image in photoshop cc

Tutorial : Easy Way to Edit a image in Photoshop cc 2020 || Photoshop Editing 2020
This tutorial was made to familiarize anyone to using Adobe Photoshop, and start creating awesome graphic design and projects today.

Photoshop CC 2020 tutorial showing how to change background.

In this video we cover how to retouch the image and add change background.

Watch the video till last in this the advance technics is been used.

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Hey guys in this video a simple Photoediting is done which is so easy to understand comment below if you get any problem or DM us on Instagram at
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In this video we use brushtool, eyedropertool, magicbrushtool, quickslectiontool, erasertool and many more.

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A simple straight forward video tutorial to help you with your basics of Photography and editing it.

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Editing a photo in photoshop is so much easy but only when you do the practice of it.

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