PS/AE Tutorial: Creating Animated Stream/Twitch Alerts

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Video Description: In this video I take you guys along photoshop firstly to help create a clean twitch alert that with help your production on stream. To later bring you into After effect, where we go threw simple key framing in order to get an end result that looks super awesome. We finish the video inside streamlabs, where I help you guys setup and code twitch alerts with CSS.

Table of Contents:
3:00 – Sizing your Alert
5:00 – Creating Alert Box
10:01 – Adding alertbox to Aftereffects
13:00 – Start key framing
23:30 – Adding asset elements
29:00 – Rendering Alert Box
31:30 – Finalize .gif in PS
34:17 – .Gif save settings
36:14 – Applying the alert to Streamlabs
40:30 – Moving text with CSS, were to drop URL for hosted sites with .mov and .avi web players

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