Prophets of Science Fiction – Philip K. Dick Motion Comic Samples

Done for Ridley Scott’s Production Company, Scott Free Productions. Check out some more samples from the show at their website…

The primary art work was taken (with permission) from licensed comics and graphic novels based on the work of Philip K. Dick. These particular samples came from graphic novels based on the novel “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” (i.e. Blade Runner).

The images were brought into Photoshop to remove the text boxes and speech bubbles, before repainting the background and isolating various items onto their own layers so that they could be animated independently within 3D space inside After Effects.

To achieve a more “true 3D look/camera move” for the final shot, I used a Photoshop/AfterEffects technique that basically projects the 2D image onto 3D planes.

Duration: 20

Likes: 7