Promotional Video of Indoor Golf Training Facility for Digital Signage

Second Camera Videographer – Editor:

For this pretty cool indoor golf training center, I acted as camera assistant and grip for the first camera operator, setting up lights, changing camera to slow motion capture, operating a GoPro action camera, shooting secondary angles and subjects, and prepping camera support from tripod, table, sandbag (for low angle shots) to a step ladder (for high angle shots).

In the edit, I worked with the executive producer to narrow down the select footage. Then, I assembled sequences and edited the clips to a stock music track that I had sourced. I added / created more panning, zooming, rack focusing, and tracking to most of the final shots in post.

With the help of the in-house graphic artist, we tweaked the client low-resolution original product graphics in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create a higher res version. In After Effects, I created an animated logo open, close and bumpers, with camera, lighting and image movement. Finally, I brought the whole edited piece into After Effects and created moving text titles over the piece. I edited everything together and worked with the client on revision changes.

(Produced under COI)

Duration: 158

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