Procreate Dreams: Get Started Easy Beginner’s Guide

🌐 **Procreate Dreams: Get Started Easy Beginner’s Guide | Pt 1** 🌐

In this Procreate Dreams tutorial series, we walk you through how to start creating your movies and getting around in dreams! Whether you’re a total beginner or just looking to see what Procreate Dreams is about, this guide is for you. While still relatively new, there are still a few quirks, and we will show you some procreate dreams tips on how to get by until the next major update.

✨ **Key Features of Lesson One **:
1. What is Procreate Dreams.
2. Creating Movies.
3. Movie Properties and Settings.
4. Procreate Dreams Locations.
5. Importing from Procreate.
6. Staying Organized with Folders

Procreate Dreams: Step-by-Step Guide to Procreate Dreams

🔗 **Timestamps**:
00:00 – Introduction
00:10 – What is Procreate Dreams?
00:55 – The Application
02:05 – Creating New Movies
04:55 – Reset Examples
05:46 – Locations
06:08 – Creating Folders
08:32 – Movie Settings
09:36 – Importing from Procreate
10:22 – Quick Zooming


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