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Preview To Tonight’s Tutorial Cosmos Field Step By Step Premiere 6pm Friday 28th August!! Why not join me tonight to watch this Cosmos tutorial live and send me your comments and questions live!

I start off with a simple wet on dry flat wash, then work damp into wet, damp into damp and then wet on dry. I tilt the board and use a large brush to load the paint from top to bottom, varying the tonal value of the colour, by either adding water or paint. I try to cover all of the basic techniques for beginners and use only one colour so that beginners are not daunted by the white sheet of watercolour paper and help with their confidence to have a go!!

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PAPER: Canson Heritage Watercolour paper block 300gm 9 x 12 inches inches Cold Pressed surface.

BRUSHES: Size 2, 4, 6 & 14 ROUND Black Velvet Brushes Silver Brush – see Jackson’s link above.

PAINTS: Winsor & Newton Ivory Black & White Gouache

HB Pencil
Water pot
Framing Tape

Plastic card
Kitchen towel

Photo Reference:


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Duration: 00:02:56