Premiere Pro Tutorial 2020 for Beginners – Official Walk Through -Learn Premiere Pro CC 2020 With Me

Today I’m going to learn Adobe Premiere Pro, the video editing software, using the official interactive Premiere Pro Tutorial 2020 for Beginners guide that came with the app.

This is different from my usual tutorials where I show people how to do things. This video is me working my way through the official Premiere Pro 2020 Basics Tutorial for the first time. I’m not an expert, and this is me learning, so if you want a proper beginners tutorial then this video is not for you.

My main experience with video editors is with iMovie, Final Cut Pro 10 and nowadays Camtasia. All the videos on this channel were made with Camtasia but I want to Learn to Premiere Pro so I can take my video editing to the next level.

If you want to know what the interactive tutorials on Premiere Pro look or are interested in buying it then feel free to continue watching.

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Duration: 00:27:34