Premiere Pro basics and Free Download Tutorial 2020 | How to Edit Video in Premiere Pro ?

If you are using Premiere pro for the very first time, then this video is definitely for you.
Learn how to download Premiere Pro for free and how to edit videos in premiere pro easily.

In This Tutorial video I will tell you some important features of adobe Premiere Pro that you need to know before you start. I will also tell you about downloading Premiere Pro for Free.

To download the iso file click on the link below and follow the steps as explained in the video:

Premiere Pro :

I have covered all the basic features like Importing and Exporting files, cutting the clip, inserting text, formatting text, adding transitions etc.


Follow the below Timestamp to jump to specific part of the video:

00:52 – How to download?
01:51 – Getting Started with Premiere Pro
02:11 – Creating new Project
02:39 – Import Window
03:00 – Timeline Panel
03:10 – Source Clip Panel
03:21 – Main Window Screen
03:31 – Essencial Graphics
03:48 – Toolbox
04:11 – Adjusting all Windows
04:31 – Importing Files into Project
04:58 – Creating new Sequence
05:40 – Adding Clips to Timeline
06:11 – Adjusting Source Clips
07:41 – Creating a cool Transition
08:50 – Adding Image
09:11 – Effect Control Panel
10:09 – Adjusting Length on Timeline
11:00 – Adding Text
12:21 – Adding Default Transition
13:01 – Exploring more Effects and Transition
14:00 – Adding Music or Audio
14:11 – Audio Adjustment and Features
14:41 – Exporting and Saving
15:11 – About Video Formats
16:00 – Important


If you are facing any issues related to download please let me know in the comment section below. If you want me to make more videos regarding this software then do let me know.

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Camera I use : Canon EOS 1300D
Software to Edit : Adobe Premiere Pro CC
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Adobe Premiere Pro FREE DOWNLOAD & Basics | How to Edit Video in Premiere Pro ?

Duration: 00:16:27