Premiere Pro 2023 – How To Add and Edit AUTOMATIC Subtitles & Captions!

In this quick tutorial I show you how to add and adjust subtitles and captions using Adobe Premiere Pro 2023. Step one is to load in your footage onto the timeline. Next, go to the text panel and click on the transcript option. Next, click on transcribe sequence, the default settings are fine. Note: if you double click on any of the transcribed text you can make changes to the transcription.

Once you are happy with the transcription, click on the create captions button at the top of the text panel. You can adjust the maximum length of characters, minimum duration (in seconds), and the number of lines (single or double). Click create to create the automatic subtitles.

To adjust the subtitles, simply select all the content on the subtitle track (yellow by default) and then go to your captions and graphics workspace. You can now change the font type, font size, spacing, and add on effects in this panel.

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Duration: 00:02:30