Premiere Pro 2020 FOR BEGINNERS!

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Welcome to my new BEGINNERS Masterclass for Premiere Pro 2020! We’re going to have a lot of fun learning Premiere Pro from scratch as I take you though an actual project from start to finish. This Masterclass will go fast. You will feel so empowered as you exit out of here, an hour from now, as a master video editor.

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Table of Contents

0:00 Intro

2:21 How to download Premiere Pro templates

4:50 How to get Premiere Pro for FREE (for 2 months)

5:50 Creating a New Project

7:25 Importing Media into Premiere

8:00 Organizing Your Media

9:25 Extracting Footage Selects from Media

10:58 Intro to Video Tracks and Audio Tracks

11:50 Understanding Sequences

18:18 Understanding the Playhead

20:00 Understanding the Toolbar

21:40 Blinding Video Tracks

22:35 Muting and Soloing Audio Tracks

23:30 Effects Controls Tab

26:15 The Effects Library

31:30 Snap In Timeline Button

32:29 We Start Editing the Commercial

33:10 Syncing Video to Audio

38:40 Adding B-Roll

42:17 Adding Text

47:20 Adding Music

48:00 Adjusting Audio Levels

50:30 Color Correction

58:45 Exporting

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