Premiere Elements: Adding and editing video clips | tutorial

This Premiere Elements 10 tutorial describes how to add, edit, and rearrange video clips in the Timeline panel. Watch more at

This specific tutorial is just a single movie from chapter two of the Creating a Mini Documentary with Premiere Elements course presented by author Jason Osder. The complete Premiere Elements 10 course has a total duration of 1 hour and 31 minutes, and walks beginning filmmakers through the process of making a mini documentary, from editing with Adobe Premiere Elements, to publishing completed documentaries on Vimeo and YouTube

Creating a Mini Documentary with Premiere Elements table of contents:

1. Organizing and Ingesting Footage
2. Assembling Footage on the Timeline
3. Refining the Cut
4. Titles and Graphics
5. Finishing Steps
6. Digital Distribution

Duration: 00:06:13