Precision Limiter Behringer Wing Effect Tutorial

In this video tutorial, the Behringer Wing Effects Tutorials explore the Precision Limiter for the Behringer Wing digital mixer. This limiter is modeled after the Sony Oxford Dynamics limiter section, known for its use in mastering to control peak levels and enhance volume, density, and presence without sacrificing transient and dynamic information.

Key features and controls of the Precision Limiter are explained:

Input Gain: Sets the input gain into the limiter, allowing adjustments up to +18.0dB.
Auto Gain: Compensates for wider volume dynamic ranges in the program signal.
Out Gain: Determines the limiter’s output level post-compression.
Squeeze: Enhances overall loudness and presence.
Knee: Adjusts the limiter’s knee for a smoother limiting threshold.
Attack: Sets the attack time for the limiter’s response.
Release: Determines the release time for attenuation after crossing the threshold.
Various settings and configurations are discussed, from achieving transparency to hardwall limiting and maximum loudness. The Precision Limiter is recommended for scenarios like online streaming, recording feeds, and video recording feeds to maintain strict output limits and enhance audio quality.

Overall, it’s a comprehensive guide to using the Behringer Wing’s Precision Limiter for optimal audio results in different applications, including live streaming.

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00:00 Intro
00:14 “Overview of Broadcast Stream Setup”
02:35 Inserting the Precision Limiter on the Behringer Wing
03:05 Latency of the Precision Limiter
03:41 Controls of the Precision Limiter
07:28 Listening to the Precision Limiter
09:27 Stream Mix from FOH Feed vs Online Feed
11:58 Conclusion

Duration: 00:13:01

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