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Steps on how to create text masking effect in Photoshop :-

1. So the first step is to select the model in the image using Quick selection tool and after the selection click on refine edge to select the hair properly and smooth the edges of the selection and then click on Ok , after that click on Add layer mask icon to remove the background from the image.

2. Then click on Create new layer icon and then bring that layer below the model layer and then make the foreground color as White and then using the paint bucket tool fill the layer with white color.

3. Now make the model layer active and then press CTRL + T and after that scale the image down as little and also move to place it properly .

4. After that select the Vertical type tool and then select the font as the Bold font or any font of your choice and then set the color of the font as Black and then set it’s appropriate size and then click on the Image and start typing you text and then place the text properly using move tool and then press CTRL + T to scale it properly and make sure that the text layer is inside the model layer.

5. Now make the mask of the model layer active and then select the brush tool and brush as hard round and then set the foreground color as Black and then remove the image to the left of the text by hovering using the brush and also remove the image from the holes in the text.

6. Now keeping the mask active press CTRL and select the T icon of the text layer ,this will give you a selection of the text and then go to Select and then go to Modify and select expand over there and then expand it by 15px and then click on Ok, after that make the foreground color as Black and background color as white and then press ALT + backspace .

7. Now create a copy of the model layer by pressing CTRL + J and then move the duplicate layer to the top and then right click on the layer mask and select delete layer mask over there and then again right click on the layer and select create clipping mask over there ,so this will give you your portrait text masking effect and then now you can type anything to the left of the image using Horizontal type tool giving the image like a magazine feel .

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