POP ART PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL: The Andy Warhol Filter In 6 Mins

Photoshop CC tutorial showing how to make this pop art Warhol effect in Photoshop: http://www.psd-dude.com/tutorials/pop-art-photoshop.aspx

In this tutorial I will show you how to make pop art in Photoshop starting from a photo. For this Photoshop pop art effect you will need a starting photo and a halftone texture ( download it for free from here: http://www.textures4photoshop.com/tex/grunge-and-rust/grunge-halftone-comics-texture-overlay-for-photoshop.aspx ).

So, how do we make a picture pop art?

Pop Art Tutorial Steps

00:00 How To Create A Pop Art Photoshop Effect
00:07 Start by separating the the subject from the background
00:14 Duplicate the original layer 3 times
00:25 Create the Poster Effect by applying Filter ▶ Filter Gallery ▶ Artistic ▶ Poster Edges
00:50 Create the contours by applying Filter ▶ Filter Gallery ▶ Sketch ▶ Photo Copy
01:00 Enhance the contours with Image ▶ Adjustments ▶ Threshold
01:10 Change the blending mode to Multiply
01:15 Create the pop art shadows with a black to white Gradient Map
01:32 Change blending mode to Multiply to apply the shadows
01:38 Add a new layer for adding color to the pop art effect
01:53 Choose a hard round brush
02:02 Color the background with green
02:22 Color the hair with yellow
03:04 Color the eye shadow with blue
03:30 Color the lips using red
03:45 Color the necklace with orange
04:02 Pop art effect intermediary result
04:05 Grab the free halftone texture from http://www.textures4photoshop.com
04:16 Place the halftone texture over the pop art image
04:19 Create a mask for the halftone using Image ▶ Apply Image
04:28 Invert the mask and change the blending mode to Multiply
04:38 Adjust the halftone texture using Levels
04:53 Pop art effect with halftone texture intermediary result
05:00 Create the pop art Warhol effect in Photoshop
05:05 Expand the canvas by 100% to the right and down
05:10 Duplicate the image and make 4 images in a grid
05:20 Apply a Hue/Saturation adjustment and change the Hue for each image
06:04 The Pop Art Warhol Effect Photoshop Tutorial Final Result

I got inspired for this tutorial by the classic pop art portrait effect created by Andy Warhol. Andy Warhol made a series of pop art portraits of celebrities. The most famous pop art portrait is the portrait of Marilyn Monroe – called Marilyn Diptych and made in 1962. The pop art effect was originally done with silkscreen printing.

The pop art technique used meant that there were different colors applied in layers over layers. The main characteristics of the pop art effect were the posterization of the photo colors, sketch like contours and blocks of highly saturated colors that were offset from the contours (this is referred to as misregistration of colors). As a final touch, we have the halftone texture.

To make a similar pop art effect in Photoshop we use the Poster Edges filter, the Photocopy filter and the Gradient Map adjustment layer. All these, combined with manually painting the color patches and adding the halftone texture create a cool pop art portrait effect.

One last touch for the pop art Photoshop portrait effect is to make 4 copies of the portrait, arrange them in a grid and apply different hue adjustments to each portrait. This adds to the pop art look and feel.

So, if you want to create a vintage retro pop art portrait from a photo using Photoshop, check follow this tutorial and get professional level results.

If you want to get fast results or want to apply the pop art effect on multiple photos, you can do that using my GraphicRiver Photoshop actions:

POP ART POSTER MAKER – WARHOL EFFECT: https://1.envato.market/c/361744/275988/4415?subId1=psddude&subId2=tutorial&u=https://graphicriver.net/item/pop-art-poster-maker-warhol-effect/10609366

POP ART PHOTOSHOP ACTION (LICHTENSTEIN EFFECT): https://graphicriver.net/item/pop-art-photoshop-action-lichtenstein-effect/23208482

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