Place An Image In Text With Photoshop – Step by Step

Learn how to place an image in text in Photoshop using clipping masks! For Photoshop CC, CS6 and earlier.
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Video Guide: How To Place An Image In Text With Photoshop

Setting Up the Document
To fill an image with text, we start by duplicating the Background layer (0:39). Then, we add a Solid Color fill layer and set its color to white (1:29). The fill layer will be the background color for the text effect, so drag the fill layer below the photo (2:21).

Adding The Text
Select the photo layer (2:58). Then, select Photoshop’s Type Tool (3:03), choose your font in the Options Bar (3:08), set your type color to white (3:47), and then add your text above the image (4:23). Once you’ve added your text, drag the Type layer in the Layers panel below the photo (4:47).

Using A Clipping Mask To Place The Image In The Text
Click on the photo layer to select it (5:26). Then, to place the text inside the image, create a clipping mask (5:36). This masks the image with the text so that only the area inside the letters is visible.

Resizing The Text
Select the Type layer (6:29), and then resize and reposition the text using Photoshop’s Free Transform command (6:42).

Finishing The Effect
To enhance the effect, add a drop shadow to the text (9:58). Choose the Crop Tool and crop away any unwanted space around the letters. (10:58). Finally, change the background color of the effect as needed (11:27). And there we have it! That’s how to place an image in text in Photoshop!

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