Pirate Ship Cabin Ambience | Thunderstorm, Heavy Rain, Wind Storm, Ocean Waves, Wood Creaking

Pirate Ship Cabin Ambience | Thunderstorm, Heavy Rain, Wind Storm, Ocean Waves, Wood Creaking
In this Pirate Ship Ambience , an ambience has been created that will focus on the work they do, especially those who love the sound of Thunderstorm, Heavy Rain, Wind Storm, Ocean Waves, howling wind, Wood Creaking. I’m sure it will serve its purpose.Because uninterrupted natural sounds such as Rain, Ocean Waves, Wind sounds are ideal white noises to help you focus and relaxation.You can use this video, where white noise is blended with a cozy room, maybe to study, write a story, or to calm down and sleep.

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► Preparation of this Ambience:

Made by all Natural Recorders including Scenario, Animation and Sound. This process takes days of preparation and work.
In the first place, its ambiance is designed in a 3d environment. After the design phase is over, the objects on the ambience have been dressed with a suitable texture. It was painted with Adobe Photoshop and animated in Adobe After Effects, after touching that adds dimension to the photo.
The separately created landscape and fireplace image is added to the final screen. For sounds edited with Adobe Audition, they are superimposed on the final video. Editing of the video was also done using Adobe Premiere Pro.

Software used:
– 3D Blender
– Adobe Photoshop
– Adobe After Effects
– Adobe Premiere Pro

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The 3D model of the ambiance is here:

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