Photoshop Tutorials – How To Warp A Texture Or Pattern Around An Object

Hi Friends In this vedio tutorial i will show you How To Warp A Texture Or Pattern Around An Object.
The first thing that we need to look at is displacement. The surface in the background has some texture or bumps. These bumps first need to be replicated on the object. Now, if you look at a cloth, there are two kinds of textures, one is the texture of the fabric, the other is the texture of the folds. In this case, we need to apply two displacement masks. Also, it is essential that we apply it non-destructively by converting the layer into a smart object. Once displacement map is applied, the highlights and the shadows of the object has to be in sync with the background. This will be achieved by using the blend if sliders in the Blending Options.

Not one technique or method works with every image. Hence, in this tutorial, I’m going to show you multiple methods to wrap your object on a surface, so that no matter what the object or whatever the surface is. You’ll be able to produce the most realistic folds.
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