Photoshop Tutorials: Create Shiny and Reflective "GOLDEN" Text Effect

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a shiny Golden Text Effect using Adobe Photoshop like this. So let’s go,

Step #1:
Open the Adobe Photoshop. Here I have used the Adobe Photoshop CS6. You can use it or another like Adobe Photoshop CC.
Step #2:
Open a new document in Photoshop by going up to the File menu and choosing New, or by using the keyboard shortcut, Ctrl+N for windows pc or Command+N for Mac. I’m just going to use the 720×1280 preset size. You can use whichever size you like for your width and height, and then click OK to create your new Photoshop document.
Step #3:
Change the foreground color as black and click the “paint bucket tools/Control+i”. Now click the mouse on the window. Then background window’s color will be change into foreground selected color.

Step #4:
Go to the “Horizontal Type tool”. And type the text as you want for the golden text effect. And Placed the text in a suitable position.

Step #5:
Here I have used the font as “Trajan pro”, Font Style “Bold”, Font size 439pt,.

Step #6:
Now click on the font layer. Then click layer, duplicate layer. A new layer will be created just like the previous text layer.

Step #7:
Now right click on the text layer thumbnail and select “Blending Option” for apply the effect on the text.

Step #9:
Select and check “Bevel & Emboss”. Depth:225,size:9-21″.

Step #10:
Select and check “Contour”. settings can be remain unchanged.

Step #11:
click from the setting icon, select “assorted brushes”. Photoshop will ask you if you want to replace the current brushes with these new brushes or simply append them to the existing ones. Click Append.

step#12:finally apply free Transform method than Flip verticle to make this reflective. At the end add Gradient tool.

Step#13: We are done.


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