Photoshop Tutorial-Rendering special effects

first Photoshop tutorial. Did this on request for my friend who claimed that rendering the fire in this picture took him hours. then I did it in 7 minutes. So he wanted a tutorial. and here it is, not exactly sure on how it came out so if it came out like crap, too bad lol.

EDIT: ok, it didn’t record the freezes really, and the voice wasn’t that laggy, so yea I do look retarded when everything is going smoothly and I’m saying it’s freezing…

Edit2: Seeing as people are complaining about the video not teaching them anything, I suppose I’ll explain what’s going on. What you want to do, is open the channels box, select the channel where the effect you want rendered is brightest and everything else is darker. Then Copy that channel, and use the burn/doge tools to brighten your effect, and darken everything else. You might wanna use the brush tool for the parts that won’t darken all the way. Then when all your effect is white and everything else is black. Hit the circle button thingy in the channel box. And there you have it, your effect is selected and you’re free to copy/paste into a new layer and do whatever you want with it. Sorry for the laggy audio again, it was the first tutorial I made and I was too stupid to just take video and record my voice over it. I hope these typed instructions helped.

Duration: 00:03:05