Photoshop Tutorial | Merging and stitching photos to create a Panoramic photo
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In this tutorial I show you how to merge photos to create a panoramic photo.

First you need to decide which photos you are going to use. Then you need to go to the file menu, Automate, then photomerge.
A dialog box pops up and you need to browse for your chosen images and select them. You can now see the files in the dialog box, hit ok.
Photoshop does its thing and merges and stiches the images together, creating layer masks for each image in the layers panel.
Once it has completed the process, you can see the final image.
I prefer to merge the layers together, selecting all layers and hitting CTRL + E, now I can work on the image properly, removing stitching/merging lines, and whatever else needs to be done.
In my images, the colours are out, so I suggest colour correcting them before you merge them.

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Duration: 00:04:52