Photoshop Tutorial in Hindi for Beginners [Part 25] – Magnetic Lasso Tool in Photoshop

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In this video I Will talk about how to use Magnetic Lasso Tool in Photoshop.

What is the Magnetic Lasso?
There are three lasso tools available in Photoshop: Standard, Polygonal and Magnetic. Each tool serves its own purpose depending on your specific needs. The Polygonal Lasso is used for selecting shapes that are not of traditional size or scope. The Standard Lasso is an all-purpose tool that requires a steady hand and careful precision. The Magnetic Lasso works much like the standard form, but with a bonus. While you are able to select the pixels you desire, Photoshop uses its Magnetic Lasso to detect your image more easily. Basically, if you have a shaky hand or have trouble making selections, the Magnetic Lasso will be your new best friend.

When to Use the Magnetic Lasso
This tool is easily your best choice for images that have a high amount of contrast. Because Photoshop uses the brightness and contrast of pixels to determine which areas to select, you are bound to have success when your images have a lot of clear variation.

When Not to Use the Magnetic Lasso
If using the Magnetic Lasso for high-contrast images is a good idea, it stands to reason that using this tool for blurred images is a bad idea. If your photo is blurry, grainy or in monotone colors, the properties of the Magnetic Lasso will not work in your favor. You would be better served using the Standard Lasso tool to select the exact pixels you desire.

This is a part of complete Photoshop Tutorial in Hindi for Beginners.

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